Foligatto   Volume 1
Nicolas de Crécy
Alexios Tjoyas
Publisher's summary: The first work by Eisner-nominated artist Nicolas de Crécy is the lyrical and hauntingly beautiful tale of a tormented opera singer. PUBLICATION IN 1 VOLUME - COMPLETED WORK In order to curb the blood lust of Eccenihilo’ inhabitants, a big carnival is organized. Its main attraction: the homecoming of the local golden child, the famous castrato opera singer Foligatto. The artist’s return to his roots, however, triggers a series of surreal events with reverberating consequences.From acclaimed creator Nicolas de Crécy ('The Celestial Bibendum', NBM’s 'Salvatore' series, 'Glacial Period').
e published by

Humanoids Inc
I digital version

inside: 64 pages
release: 2014-03-27
isbn : 9781594654800
paper isbn: 9781594650604
language: anglais
reading direction: left to right
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