The Passenger
The Guayas Delta
The Bajau Archipelago
The Lost Souls of Kra
The Pariah of Celebes
The Wind of 120 Days
The Hindu Kush Mountains
El Niño (English Edition)   Volume 1
The Passenger
Christian Perrissin
Boro Pavlovic
Publisher's summary: A contemporary "Heart of Darkness" recounting one woman's globe-spanning adventures in search of a long-lost brother. PUBLICATION IN 7 VOLUMES - COMPLETED WORK After the death of her father, Red Cross nurse Vera Michailov discovers a stunning family secret: she was a conjoined twin and has a brother she was separated from at birth. Left behind when the family escaped Eastern Europe for France, he grew up to become the modern-day pirate known only as "El Niño." Determined to find him, regardless of the cost, Vera sets out on a global quest for acceptance and salvation.
e published by

Humanoids Inc
I digital version

inside: 58 pages
release: 2014-08-22
isbn : 9781594654534
paper isbn: 9781594651526
language: anglais
reading direction: left to right
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