Traffic in Indochina
The Road to Cao Bang
The Night Watchman
Meet Me in Saint-Nazaire
By The Numbers   Volume 1
Traffic in Indochina
Laurent Rullier
Publisher's summary: The accidental — and life changing — adventures of timid accountant Victor Levallois, from Europe to Southeast Asia! PUBLICATION IN 4 VOLUMES - COMPLETED WORK The accidental adventures of Victor Levallois, a timid accountant that gets pulled into a life of danger. It all started in 1948 when Victor was entrusted with an unusual errand: deliver a suitcase to the port of Marseilles. But, when the suitcase is stolen, Victor finds himself bound for Saigon and the decadence, intrigue and adventure of a colonial war!
e published by

Humanoids Inc
I digital version

inside: 52 pages
release: 2016-12-06
isbn : 9781594656514
paper isbn: 9781594651649
language: anglais
reading direction: left to right
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