Farewell, Father
Class "R" Detective
Psycho Anarchist
Vhisky, SPV, and Homeo-Whores
Suicide Alley
Before The Incal   Volume 5
Vhisky, SPV, and Homeo-Whores
Alejandro Jodorowsky
Zoran Janjetov
Publisher's summary: The adventures of a young John Difool before he became the most famous Sci-Fi anti-hero. PUBLICATION IN 6 VOLUMES - COMPLETED SERIES We are instantly plunged back into the unique atmosphere of the world of "The Incal," as we witness John Difool's search for his identity and his origins, his first meeting with Deepo, and the appearance of many of the series' key characters, such as the Metabaron or Diavaloo.
e published by

Humanoids Inc
I digital version

inside: 50 pages
release: 2014-03-19
isbn : 9781594653483
paper isbn: 9781594650734
language: anglais
reading direction: left to right
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