Waterloo (EN)
Waterloo (EN)   Volume 1
Waterloo (EN)
Florian Daniel
Publisher's summary: What really happened that June 18th 1815 when European history changed forever? This rigorously researched graphic novel recounts the entire chronology of events through the fate – and the point of vue – of several symbolic characters: a member of Napoleon's Old Guard, an English soldier, a military doctor, a Prussian drummer, a troop follower, and a local farmwife. Of course, you will also come across Napoleon Bonaparte, the Duke of Wellington, the Prince of Orange, and Field Marshal Blücher. The album was created by Mor, a veteran illustrator of historical graphic novels and by scriptwriter Thierry Bonneyrat under the direction of Patrice Courcelle, world-renowned history expert. Completing it is 16 pages of documentation which include unusual or unknown major and minor facts of this historic day. An in-depth view of the most famous battle of all time.
e published by

I digital version

inside: 38 pages
release: 2015-05-01
paper isbn: 9782930623436
language: anglais
audience : from 6 years old
reading direction: left to right
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