An Unbearable Smell!
In the name of love
Pop Pop is missing
The Pope War
Houston, We Have a Problem
X-tinction to Z-end
6 volumes
v. 1volume 1
v. 2volume 2
v. 3volume 3
v. 4volume 4
v. 5volume 5
v. 6volume 6
The Zombies that Ate the World   Volume 1
An Unbearable Smell!

Funny; very funny.

In Los Angeles, the undead are everywhere. Not particularly aggressive, mind you, but they’re everywhere and they make the living really uncomfortable. To manage this surplus population of the dead, a law now makes everyone responsible for getting rid of their "undead" family members. Responding to this new opportunity is a dream team of zombie disposal experts, including a Crocodile Dundee wannabe, his exasperated sister, and a former fry cook with a pompadour and a tracksuit. And they are funny; very funny.

The Zombies that Ate the World  |  Volume 1
An Unbearable Smell!


A zombie spoof featuring a group of friends on their journey to start a little business of their own…zombie catchers! PUBLICATION IN 6 VOLUMES - COMPLETED SERIES Los Angeles, 2064. In a world where humans have to live along the living dead, a new job opportunity arises: zombie catcher. Karl Neard, his sister Maggie, and his Belgian friend Freddy Merckx, all embrace this "career" in the hope of making easy money. Unfortunately, the job is not that simple: not only are the "dead" still walking, but they also have a terrible stench and an awful sense of humor. As a matter of fact, zombies just don't care about anything as their lives are behind them and they now have an eternity to enjoy what is left of the world. Karl and his team will quickly find this fact out as they end up surrounded by all sorts of ghoulish freaks.


Humanoids Inc

Complete informations

digital version

Format Online comic
inside 58 pages
release 19-Mar-2014
isbn 9781594654671
language anglais
Numbering 6 volumes
reading direction left to right
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