The Four John Difools
Luz De Garra
Gorgo The Foul
3 volumes
v. 1volume 1
v. 2volume 2
v. 3volume 3
Final Incal (English Edition)   Volume 1
The Four John Difools

Final Incal (English Edition)  |  Volume 1
The Four John Difools


Jodorowsky and Mœbius’s internationally bestselling Sci-Fi saga THE INCAL comes to its phenomenal finale! PUBLICATION IN 3 VOLUMES - COMPLETED SERIES Lowly class ‘R’ detective John Difool and his faithful companion, Deepo, are unwillingly hurled into yet another universe-saving mission, as their world is faced with the threat of an all-devouring metallic virus. Visionary storyteller Jodorowsky returns to the epic mythology he created with the late Mœbius in the early 80s. For the conclusion of the legendary spiritual space adventure series, he partners with Eisner-winning artist Ladrönn.


Humanoids Inc

Complete informations

digital version

Format Online comic
inside 68 pages
release 28-May-2014
isbn 9781594655784
paper isbn 9781594650772
language anglais
Numbering 3 volumes
reading direction left to right
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