Are you an Anarchist?
Bambell Tower
The Tables Turn
Rumble on the Docks
Krapal the Crook
Tigerman's Vanity
The Curious Pastime of Capitaine Bigoodee
Wasted Efforts
Old Wounds
Ostrich Beaks
Escape by any means possible...
12 volumes
v. 1volume 1
v. 2volume 2
v. 3volume 3
v. 4volume 4
v. 5volume 5
v. 6volume 6
v. 7volume 7
v. 8volume 8
v. 9volume 9
v. 10volume 10
v. 11volume 11
v. 12volume 12
District 14: Season 1   Volume 1
Are you an Anarchist?

District 14: Season 1  |  Volume 1
Are you an Anarchist?


A unique and addictive anthropomorphic mystery with an intricate plot and a fantastic cast of characters. PUBLICATION IN 12 VOLUMES - COMPLETED SERIES District 14: a labyrinthine megalopolis where humans, animals, and aliens coexist. A rotting Tower of Babel where anarchy and wealth commingle, where affluence and crime intertwine… It is amidst this vibrant urban landscape that a strange character, an elephant by the name of Michael, disembarks from an immigrant vessel. This mighty pachyderm barely sets his bag down when he is caught in a violent crossfire… Along with Hector, an opinionated journalist beaver, they come to form a unique and powerful duo, reporting for one of the city’s sensationalist newspapers.


Humanoids Inc

Complete informations

digital version

Format Online comic
inside 30 pages
release 19-Mar-2014
isbn 9781594655050
paper isbn 9781594650567
language anglais
Numbering 12 volumes
reading direction left to right

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