Dengue #1
Dengue #2
2 volumes
v. 1volume 1
v. 2volume 2
Dengue (English Edition)   Volume 1

Dengue (English Edition)  |  Volume 1


A dry and sardonic sci-fi thriller with the ultimate consequences of climate change. PUBLICATION IN 2 VOLUMES - COMPLETED WORK In the not too distant future, thanks to global warming, Montevideo, Uruguay, is a city under siege from swarms of mosquitoes and the deadly dengue fever they carry. As the diseased bodies pile up in the streets, pragmatic Police Sergeant Pronzini must solve the murder of an esteemed entomologist in order to unlock the true secret of a specific type of dengue infection that may just change the face of humanity forever.


Humanoids Inc

Complete informations

digital version

Format Online comic
inside 49 pages
release 11-May-2016
isbn 9781594656262
paper isbn 9781594651212
language anglais
Numbering 2 volumes
reading direction left to right
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