A Diamond for the Beyond
The Executioners' Mercy
The Black Widow
Two Hearts
4 volumes
v. 1volume 1
v. 2volume 2
v. 6volume 6
v. 7volume 7
Bouncer (English Edition)   Volume 1
A Diamond for the Beyond

Intrigues, vengeances and furies

An exceptional series mixing Boucq's drawing and Jodorowsky's scenario. In the after American Civil War, follow the story of Bouncer, a former gangster, one-armed person but exceptional shooter who became the safety man of a saloon. A fascinating western with a complex morality.

Bouncer (English Edition)  |  Volume 1
A Diamond for the Beyond


A Western tale turned on its ear and filled with strange characters and surreal situations. PUBLICATION IN 7 VOLUMES - COMPLETED SERIES From what could only have originated from the mind of "El Topo" director, and "The Metabarons" author, Alexandro Jodorowsky, "Bouncer" follows the adventures of a one armed gunslinger and sometimes saloon bouncer in one of the Wild West’s many dangerous and vice-infested towns. Drawn by acclaimed artist François Boucq in a gritty and realistic style.


Humanoids Inc

Complete informations

digital version

Format Online comic
inside 60 pages
release 01-Apr-2015
isbn 9781594656002
paper isbn 9781594651151
language anglais
Numbering 4 volumes
reading direction left to right


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