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2 volumes
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Balkans Arena   Volume 1
Part 1

Balkans Arena  |  Volume 1
Part 1


This original, fast-paced tale catapults us into the seedy underworld of a country whose violent past still echoes into a fractured present. "Prisoners" meets "The Deer Hunter." PUBLICATION IN 2 VOLUMES - COMPLETED WORK Ex-soldier, and widower, Frank Sokol must face the ghosts of the past when he returns to his native Croatia with his Canadian-born 11-year-old son, Ben. But when Ben is kidnapped, Frank will be forced to mend deep-seated familial wounds, and resort to his military training to get him back. Nothing will prepare him for what his search for his boy will uncover…


Humanoids Inc

Complete informations

digital version

Format Online comic
inside 60 pages
release 14-Oct-2015
isbn 9781594655678
paper isbn 9781594651557
language anglais
Numbering 2 volumes
reading direction left to right


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