Darwin II
Moon Strike
3 volumes
v. 1volume 1
v. 2volume 2
v. 3volume 3
Exo   Volume 1
Darwin II

Part thriller, part science fiction

To determine if Darwin II, an Earth-like planet, is habitable, an astrophysicist suggests diverting a former space probe. Meanwhile, a mysterious missile collides with an orbiting space station before crashing on Earth, and parasites emerge from the point of impact that take control of five human beings, sending them on a disturbing mission. And a team of astronauts and soldiers must hurriedly launch an expedition to the moon, from where the missile seems to have been fired... Somewhere between thriller and science fiction, the first volume of Exo announces itself as the start of an exciting trilogy. Jerry Frissen has written a complex and compelling story, as we follow alternately the complicated everyday life of the astrophysicist, the actions of the infected humans, and the military mission towards the moon. Philippe Scoffoni's realistic line art makes it easy to dive into this thriller, and he leads his readers from surprise to surprise. The multiple narrative arcs weave together to build suspense brilliantly, and this first volume has more than enough tension and intrigue to seduce fans of suspense and science fiction. We look forward to the next volume!

Exo  |  Volume 1
Darwin II


Alors même que la NASA découvre une exo-planète susceptible d'abriter la vie, un projectile tiré depuis la lune endommage une station orbitale. Coïncidence ? 1 VOLUME PARU - SÉRIE EN 3 VOLUME(S) Futur proche. La NASA pense enfin avoir découvert une exo-planète capable d’abriter la vie. Située à 4 années-lumière de la Terre, Darwin II suscite nombre d’interrogations, et fait immédiatement l’objet d’un projet d’exploration par une sonde spatiale. Au même moment, une station orbitale est traversée par un projectile en provenance de la lune, tuant plusieurs astronautes. Coïncidence ?


Les Humanoïdes Associés

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digital version

Format Online comic
inside 50 pages
release 13-Apr-2016
isbn 9782731668551
paper isbn 9782731680850
language français
Numbering 3 volumes
reading direction left to right


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